About Boccia

Boccia is a paralympic sport played by athletes with disabilities.  The game has been a paralympic sport since 1984 and for London 2012 GB has athletes playing in individual, team and pair classifications.


The game is played by individuals, pairs or teams of 3 on a court approximately the size of a badminton court.


The game requires players to demonstrate muscle control, accuracy and tactical awareness.  For players unable to throw, roll or kick a ball a ramp may be used and if required a head pointer to release the ball.


There are 6 red balls and 6 blue balls plus a white jack ball.  The aim is for one side to set the jack then for the players to propel their coloured balls to finish closer to the jack than their opposition.  Click here for more information about equipment.




Rules of Boccia


Boccia is governed by BISFED and for competition in England the international rules are used. These can be found at http://www.bisfed.com/BISFed/About_Boccia/Rules/BISfed/About_Boccia/Rules.aspx


Further information can be found on the Boccia England website https://bocciaengland.org.uk/boccia/rules/




Everything you might want to know about boccia.  Boccia Inclusive is the great new boccia e-zine edited by club member David Hill.  Issues 1 and 2 can be downloaded through this link


Includes athlete interviews and experiences from club players through to elite GB squad members, coaching articles and much more.