Boccia Equipment

Boccia is played with special boccia balls.  Each set contains 6 red and 6 blue balls plus a white jack ball.  Athletes choose to use hard or soft balls depending on their strength and skill, a soft ball tends to travel less distance but be harder to move when hit by an opponent's ball, likewise a hard ball travels further down the court but moves easily when hit by another ball.

Players who are unable to throw, roll or kick a ball can use an assistive device, known as a ramp. These vary from plastic chutes to expensive custom made designs.  The BEEs have a range of different ramps for athletes to use at club.  For those who are unable to release the ball with a hand or foot then a head pointer may be used.

BC1 players may have a ball passed to them by an assistant so need no additional equipment.


BC2 and BC4 players must be able to pick up their own balls whilst seated in their chair.  Players have creative ways of doing this from picking up off the floor, to having a stand that sits in the throwing box with them or having a stand that is fixed onto their chair.


BC3 athletes use a ramp so have a ramp assistant who needs to sit in the throwing box.  Usually this is on a small seat or stool.  In addition they often have a small container for balls which might be a basket, bucket or a preformed baking tin!  Players who cannot release the ball independently may use a head pointer, these are normally custom made with an adjustable length rod attached to the top of a helmet.


Examples of all types of equipment are available on the Boccia England website.