Who plays boccia and classification

Boccia is played by athletes with disabilities.  It is a seated sport similar to boules or bowls.  


Any player with a physical disability or learning difficulty may play in the pan-disability leagues and competitions. These include Surrey Youth Games, Boccia England Pan Disability Community and School Leagues, Lord's Taverners Under 19's National Competition, Disability Sports Events (DSE) and Surrey Special Olympics Events.


Players with impairments in all 4 limbs with Cerebral Palsy or similar neurological conditions may be elegible for the Paralympic/Elite Player Pathway.  Adopting the CPISRA Classifications athletes are divided into four classifications (details below) depending on their disability and functional ability.  These players may play inall the same pan disability competitions outlined above, plus the Boccia England Regional Competitions, Boccia England Teams and Pairs Competitions and subject to qualification/selection the Boccia England National Finals, the British Championships,  National Squads and Paralympic events.



BC1 - Players with Cerebral Palsy who are able to use their hands or feet to consistently propel a ball into play. BC1 athletes may have an aide on court to pass them their ball before each shot

BC2 - Players with Cerebral Palsy who are able to use their hands to consistently propel a ball into play and have greater functional ability than a BC1 athlete

BC3 - Players with Cerebral Palsy or other disability with locomotor dysfunction in all four limbs, unable to throw or kick a ball and permitted to use an assistive device such as a ramp to propel the ball, supported by an assistant ('ramper')

BC4 - Players with similar functional ability to BC1/2 athletes who do not have Cerebral Palsy


Players may be assessed for a provisional classification at The BEEs.  At their first regional event the classification is then agreed.  At their first national and international event players classifications are reviewed and confirmed prior to competition.

BC3 Player
BC2 Player